2016, The Year of The Hotel St. Cloud

Hotel St. Cloud is slowly and steadily under going renovations, including a brand new roof! We are excited for the Hotel's future and its transformation back into its rightful place as the Jewel of Main Street. 

This year Future of Yesterday Foundation is planning a summer series of events to benefit the Hotel. The events are community orientated and open to all ages. Each event will showcase what makes Fremont County great while helping to raise money for the Hotel.  More information on those soon...very very soon.
Future of Yesterday is already planning for the 3rd annual Prohibition Party at the Robison Mansion, with the success of our first two we are excited to bring you a bigger and better event this December. 

Stay up to date with progress on the Hotel, see insider photos, and be informed about upcoming events first by Following Future of Yesterday Foundation on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/futureofyesterdayfoundation/ or by finding Future of Yesterday Foundation on Instagram as FutureofYesterdayColorado 



Board member, volunteers, and community members getting in the spirit for 2015's Prohibition Party